Why Property Management?

  • Our Value Proposition and Benefits to You

    • Dedicated and professional staff
    • Cutting edge technology to run your investment efficiently
    • Web-based system to access information at any time, from anywhere
    • Building maintenance and repairs
    • Property marketing to keep your investment rented
    • Online payment options for residents
    • After hours accessibility
  • Benefits of Property Management

    Help Maintain the Value of Your Property

    We will take care of the maintenance of your property and use our expertise in real estate sales to make suggestions on how you can add value to your property.

    Collect Rents and Properly Hold Security Deposits

    We will help you account for your security deposits and rent checks – reducing liability by properly depositing security checks and reporting to your tenants where their deposits are being held. We will provide you with regular accounting of how your investment is performing.

    Communicate with Tenants

    Emergency calls or not, we will communicate with your tenants and ensure that issues are dealt with quickly. No more worrying about the phone ringing in the middle of the night or having to deal with your tenants directly.

    Communicate with Contractors

    We will manage both your emergencies and your improvement projects. For non-emergencies, we will interview several contractors and provide you with several quotes to choose from. We will monitor the progress of the work and make payments upon satisfactory completion.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need property management?

    Unless you already work in the real estate business, taking care of your property can likely turn into a part time job. You probably have enough on your plate without adding more headaches. Your investment should work for you, not the other way around.

    What does it cost?

    Generally we charge six percent of a month’s rent. In some cases we charge a flat fee. It all depends on what works best for your property. We can tailor a plan to fit your needs.

    How does payment work?

    We collect the rents and send you the money minus our fee and any additional expenses.

    How are expenses handled?

    There are two types of expenses: Expected and unexpected. Expected expenses are things like landscaping and snow removal. These are usually agreed to in advance and taken out of the monthly rent total. Unexpected expenses (not emergencies) are often a result of wear and tear such as appliances needing repair or replacement, clogs in drains, toilets needing repairs, and so on. These will prompt a call from us if the repair amount is above a previously agreed upon number so that there are no surprises on your monthly statement.

    What about emergencies?

    They happen. It’s our job to deal with them immediately. Our priority is to address the situation, prevent or minimize damage, and ensure the safety of your tenants. We are always on call and we will contact you right away to keep you apprised of what’s going on.

    What if my property becomes vacant?

    We work with a dedicated Rental Division charged with finding, screening, and placing qualified and quality tenants in your property. We do the legwork and handle the paperwork.

    What if I have a problem tenant?

    It’s unfortunate, but it can happen. We will work with you and the tenant to rectify the problem. If the situation does warrant going to eviction, we will monitor the process, work with counsel and constables, and participate as much as our legal ability allows. The likelihood is vastly decreased with our thorough tenant screening. In addition, ongoing communication helps to foster a positive rapport with your tenant making for a pleasant and smooth relationship.

    Can I keep the people that have been working on my property?

    Absolutely. We always give priority to trade people that our clients have used in the past. Just give us a list and we’ll make sure that there’re always first in line for any work at your property.

    What about projects that I’ve been planning on doing?

    No problem. We can supervise contractors in handling major repairs and improvements. We will give priority to your choice of contractors or get bids from among the many top notch professionals we use.

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